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Discover hardwood floor and laminate floor cleaners

Using the proper floor cleaner will keep your floors beautiful and add value to your house. But not all cleaners are appropriate for every type of floor.

Hardwood Floor Cleaners
The hardwood floor cleaner you use will depend on the type of finish on your floor. For example, Bellawood, Armstrong and Bruce all make cleaners for floors with a urethane finish. A wax-finished hardwood floor, on the other hand, needs a different cleaner than a urethane-finished floor. Be careful with your choice of a hardwood floor cleaner! The use of the wrong cleaner could damage your floor or void your warranty. Check the manufacturer's recommendations first.

Don't forget to sweep before mopping, using either a soft broom or a felt pad. Sweeping is very important because it removes small particles of grit or dirt that can easily scratch the floor.

One of the best and most basic pieces of floor cleaning equipment you can use for mopping a hardwood floor is a large, rectangular-headed mop with a washable terry cloth cover. After sweeping, spray the terry cloth liberally and mop the floor in even strokes. For tough areas, spray the cleaner on a soft rag and rub by hand. Never spray or pour the liquid directly onto the floor. Excess liquid on the floor can seep through the cracks between floorboards and cause warping.

Other Hard Floor Cleaners
There are many types hard flooring besides hardwood, including wood laminate, slate, marble, glazed tile, vinyl and linoleum. As with hardwood, frequent sweeping is a must for all of these flooring types, to make sure dirt and grit don't scratch the floor. Soft brooms, felt pads or a vacuum cleaner with a brush or other soft attachment - not the beater bar - can be used.

Laminate floor cleaner is the best option for mopping your wood laminate floors. Slate, marble, glazed tile, vinyl and linoleum can be damp-mopped with water or one of the hard floor cleaners widely available in stores. Armstrong, for example, produces a line of cleaners made specifically for different floor types. Avoid abrasive cleaners, which can scratch the floor.

A floor steam cleaner can be a good choice when cleaning stone, marble, tile, vinyl or linoleum floors. However, many hardwood floor manufacturers don't recommend cleaning hardwood with steam. When in doubt, go with the manufacturer's recommendation on how to safely keep your floors shining and clean.